Visionary Products Introduces a Simulation for Sub-Assembly Designed for Companies Producing Complex Products / by Nolan Smith

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Aug. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Visionary Products, Inc., a creator of hands-on simulations that teach Lean Practices, announced today the launch of Lean Zone® Sub-Assembly.

The new simulation addresses difficulties that companies face when manufacturing complex products where the assembly of the product occurs in different areas of the factory before reaching final assembly.

"Many times, there is miscommunication between separate workstations and final assembly," said Michael Deese, the President and founder of Visionary Products. "This leads to final assembly waiting on parts to inspect and assemble.  The miscommunication causes an increase in scrap and work-in-progress. It is very inefficient, putting pressure on the company's bottom line."

The Lean Zone Sub-Assembly simulation helps management and workers understand the importance of synchronized scheduling, cellular design, and visual controls in the work place. The simulation also incorporates quick changeover, one-piece flow, and utilizes quality at the source.  All Lean Zone simulations are designed for use by in-house facilitators without the need for a consultant, and come with a facilitator guide which includes all the information that is needed to run the simulation.  Experts agree that hands-on training, also known as experiential training enhances the ability of trainees to grasp concepts and improve processes.

"These lean tools have been used for many years, but unless your team actually understands them and incorporates them into your day to day activities, you aren't very lean," said Steve Willett, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Visionary Products. "The Sub-Assembly simulation can bridge the gap between ideas and reality in your organization."

The simulation takes place in a fictional helicopter factory where five different sub-assemblies are produced in different areas of the factory. Demand is high but the waste of time, money, and non-value-added activities are keeping the factory from maximum performance. The simulation demonstrates how to redesign the factory with all five sub-assemblies feeding directly into final assembly with fully synchronized scheduling.  With the help of seven participants and a few hours a team can overcome common problems seen in modern factories and create new ideas.

Those who benefit from the Lean Zone Sub-Assembly simulation include:

  • CEO's/ Business Owners
  • Ground Level Employees 
  • Operation Managers
  • Continuous Improvement Managers
  • Supply Chain Coordinators

For details about the Lean Zone Sub-Assembly simulation or the company's 60-day risk free guarantee, visit or email  

About Visionary Products, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Visionary Products creates simulations that are designed to stimulate, educate and motivate employees to embrace organizational change, and even desire "lean" business practices. Michael Deese, President and founder of Visionary Products, has spent more than 20 years researching and applying process improvement methodologies, including Teams and Lean. Current simulations include Lean Zone Production Methodologies specialized for cellular manufacturing and Lean Zone Office specialize for office processes.  Today, Lean Zone Production Methodologies and Lean Zone Office are widely used by Fortune 500 companies and other innovative organizations, including General Electric, Lockheed, American Airlines, Honeywell, and Amgen.

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