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Joe White joined works for Simpler Consulting with and has over 15 years of leadership experience in the development and implementation of successful, TPS-based lean transformations across multiple industries, countries and companies.

Joe’s lean journ...

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Mark Sessumes has 30 years of operations, management and consulting experience working with organizations to accelerate their profitable growth using Innovation, Productivity, Technology and Management Systems best practices.  His numerous ...

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(Originally post by Michael Deese June 27, 2014)

My customer said at our meeting, "After I started in purchasing 6 months ago, I had determined to move all of my business from your company.  Now, you are the standard that I measure all other suppliers by.  I want to develop a plan to m...

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(Orginaly posted by Michael Deese, July 22, 2014)

I am the former owner of Santech Industries in Fort Worth, Texas.  I am also the founder of Visionary Products, and the creator of the Lean Zone(r) Production Methodologies (sometimes known as the Lego(r) Airplane Game*).  Our story began wh...
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