Learning to Embrace Change

The most significant roadblock to successful lean implementation is employee resistance. Lean Zone® training simulations are designed to bridge that crucial gap between implementation of "lean" and employee acceptance.

Lean Zone® products are a fun, educational way to expose employees at all levels of your organization to the change process and motivate them to desire improvements in their office processes. With Lean Zone® simulations, employees quickly grasp lean concepts and overcome their natural resistance to change. Whether you're implementing an extensive lean program, or simply planning a strategy meeting, brainstorming session, or any other group encounter where change will be a primary issue, Lean Zone® simulations can help break the ice.

Packaged in a unique kit format, Lean Zone® simulations allow managers to easily and cost-effectively train employees in a matter of hours.

Our first simulation, Lean Zone® Production Methodologies, has aided hundreds of manufacturing organizations by breaking down the fundamental barriers to successful lean implementation. Now, with Lean Zone® Office, you can extend those benefits into the office environment.
Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center
To maintain a competitive edge in today's business environment, manufacturers can now take advantage of expertise and assistance offered by the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC).

Automation and Robotics Research Institute
The Automation & Robotics Research Institute (ARRI), a part of the College of Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), at the UTA/Fort Worth Campus, is the premier applied manufacturing assistance and automation research, education and technology transfer center in the Southwest. ARRI prides itself on its proven track record of performing world class research for customers as well as its ability to transfer technology to industry quickly and effectively.

Manufacturing Extension Partnership
MEP is a nationwide network of resources transforming manufacturers to compete globally, supporting greater supply chain integration, and providing access to technology for improved productivity.

The Association for Manufacturing Excellence
The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), founded in 1985, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to cultivating understanding, analysis and exchange of productivity methods and their successful application in the pursuit of excellence.