Production Methodologies
Production Methodologies

Mike Osterling, President, Osterling Consulting, Inc.

I’ve used the Lean Zone Production Methodologies Airplane simulation more than 200 times over the last 18 years to help clients understand the principles and methods of Lean Management - and I can’t say enough about the effectiveness and impact it has had on them – at all levels of the organization! It is engaging, educational, fun and leaves a positive memorable impression with the participants. The first round of the simulation helps the students recognize and experience waste and opportunities for improvement. The subsequent phases demonstrate a wide variety of Lean methods – and drive home the lesson that sometimes things don’t go as planned – and that with continuous improvement the seemingly impossible can be achieved.


The game is easy for the facilitator to run, and easy for the students to grasp. I have had many clients purchase the game so they can facilitate it with internal resources. I highly recommend Visionary Product’s “Lean Zone Production Methodologies” Airplane Simulation!

Anthony DeMarco, President, Price Systems LLC

I have been using the Production Methodologies Airplane game for years with tremendous success.  It is an easy, informative and, perhaps most importantly, entertaining way of introducing people to the concepts of One-Piece Flow.  I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about, as well as for anyone interested in teaching about One-Piece Flow.  I have been implementing Lean Manufacturing for over 20 years and this game is always the first thing I do when entering a new manufacturing environment. I have used this game with all levels of the companies, from production floor technicians to CEO's, Board of Directors and owners of the companies.  I have had 100% positive feedback from all of the participants after taking part in this game.

Hart Pauls, Assistant General Manager, Westeck Windows & Doors

I held my first demo last week with all upper management as well as the workers. It went great and I received full buy in from everyone.

It’s such a great product and delivers the perfect message.

Thanks for providing such a great training tool.

Cristian Avila Soto, MPI Orica Mining Services

To be honest about your product, I have had a very good experience when I have used it, It is very practical, easy to use, and people are very happy after using it, and comprehend in extent what we try to teach.

Bill Cardin, President, Cardin Quality Training Associates, Inc.

"I learned a few years ago how effective and how much fun the participants [had with] this exercise (assembling airplanes out of Legos). I was doing a second or third series of lean training sessions for a major automotive supplier that brought in their suppliers from all over the world to teach them the lean approach. Immediately after the exercise, one of the engineers called back to his home office to brag on his team's score on the fourth approach. It seems that his team was not only competing with the other teams in the class but was also competing with a team that had previously completed the class. Their efforts in using lean principles to shave every second off their process time and grasp as much learning as possible in a very short time has made every exercise rewarding to me as a consultant and trainer.

I have recommended this product at international professional conferences. With your permission, I have used it with my lean tutorial sessions for a SME Professional Development Conference in Memphis and an ASQ World Conference in Orlando.

Thank you for helping to make my job look easy!"


Richard H. Townsend, Manager Kobalt Partners LLC

"I used the Lean Zone Office last week with a client.  We were investigating the order entry process in a bus manufacturing company.  The Lean Zone Office simulation provided an excellent experiential visit to the potentials of a lean office.  It opened the eyes of several participants regarding what can be done and how little the costs are. It also positioned the facilitator to have a useful discussion regarding the culture change necessary to bring the benefits of a lean office home.  In several instances, my team actually used the solutions seen in the simulation.  It does take a bit of time setting the activities up the first time, but after that, the learning curve is gentile.  Thank you, Visionary Products, Inc."

Willie L. Carter, Quantum Associates, Inc.

"I have used your Lean Zone Office simulation to introduce Lean to many administrative teams, and the comments are always along the lines of "excellent workshop - we enjoyed the hands-on approach; now we see how important Lean is to an organization and how we can apply it in an office environment." Lean Zone Office is a great product."

Mark Sessumes, Director, TMAC Metroplex

At TMAC, we are focused on accelerating the profitable growth and value of manufacturers by developing and improving their products, processes, people and technologies. A group of our TMAC experts recently went through the new Lean Zone® Sub-Assembly simulation. This new simulation provides a view of various problems encountered by large and small organizations alike where the complete product cannot be produced in one work cell. The simulation fostered discussion regarding additional changes for improving through-put, plant design, measurement systems, scheduling and other productivity related topics. This simulation is a good tool for introducing management and production workers to the lean process and management.

Rolando Colindres, Director of Manufacturing, American Leather

We had a group of our production workers go through the new Sub-Assembly simulation from Visionary Products.  The workers were able to clearly see how work-in-progress can be reduced in the factory.  It also clearly demonstrated how synchronized scheduling affects through-put and lead-time.  The simulation was so successful that we had a group of supervisors go through it the next week.  We spent over 30 minutes after the simulation discussing potential changes in our factory based on what was learned.  We already have a lean factory, but experiencing the simulation allowed us to discuss further improvements in our systems and plant layout.