Lean Games and Simulation

Lean Zone® simulations are designed as hands-on learning to include in you lean training program.  The participants are actively engaged, and visually see the effects of the implemented changes on production. Our lean games are designed for use by your training personnel and contain a manual that details how to run the simulation. Trainers with limited lean experience can pick this up and run with it quickly or if you are a lean guru like many of our clients these lean games are a great addition to your portfolio of lean training tools.

Research and our experience has shown that the tactile element of learning is a key part of cementing the lean concepts into the minds of the participants.  We have three games to choose from for lean manufacturing setting and a lean office setting. The lean manufacturing process games can be used in many industries such as healthcare, construction, biomedical, mining check out our client list for more!

Lean Lego airplane for lean training

Production Methodologies

Our top selling simulation that teaches advanced manufacturing practices while helping to introduce new concepts, open constructive dialogue and demonstrate the positive aspects of well-planned directed change

Lean Lego airplane for lean training

Agile Manufacturing Add-on

This add-on to Production Methodologies demonstrates the ability of a standardized production facility to produce customer or marketing variations of standard designs with the standard production work cell. Using the current assembly line to produce multiple products saves a large capital investment for the company, and employees realize how relatively small changes can improve plant efficiency.

Lean Lego helcopter for lean training

Lean Manufacturing - Sub Assembly

Help your team understand how important synchronized scheduling, cellular design, and visual controls can really be in any work place. The simulation shows how to redesign the factory with all five sub-assemblies feeding directly into final assembly with fully synchronized scheduling.  With the help of 7 participants and a little less than 3 hours you and your team can overcome common problems seen in modern factories and brainstorm ideas for your own. 
Lean office training kit for lean training

Lean Simulation for Office

This three-hour office efficiency simulation is divided into four phases. Seven participants are put to work in a fictional company called Widget Works, where they are asked to process quotations. Participants begin with a traditional quotation system, and are gradually introduced to lean principles that streamline the process.

Lean Office Refill pack

3 Simulation Form Pack (Office Refill)

The forms are sold as a replenishment to the Office simulation kit. Each refill can run all phases for three workshops.

Product Comparison Chart

Cellular Layout, ONe Pie

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